Microwave Power Amplifier side on view Microwave Power Amplifier side on view

Who We Are

We design and manufacture technically advanced and intelligent power amplifiers that support activities in dynamic, multi-domain integration EW environments. We also carry out contract electronic manufacturing (CEM) for whole systems that contain our technology.

We have a track record of delivering high-volume, finished EW systems into theatre.

Who we work with

We work with the defence and security sectors in the UK, EU and worldwide. With Antares equipment in your systems, your people can work with confidence, knowing they are supported by advanced technology that proves its worth on land, sea and in the air every day.

Our experience

We understand the challenges of modern conflict. Our team includes people whose technical expertise and knowledge of the RF spectrum means they can design the equipment personnel in active service need to gather life-critical information.

We listen to what you need. Subsystems that react immediately to complex and diverse threats and opportunities. And capability that includes spectral convergence and multi-domain integration across CEMA.

Circuit Board of RF Power Amplifier manufactured in the UK Circuit Board of RF Power Amplifier manufactured in the UK Circuit Board of RF Power Amplifier manufactured in the UK

Protection today and tomorrow

Our expert design team constantly research and review developments in technology and hardware. We take our products as far as technologically possible to make sure they continue to counter new and emerging threats.

Because of our size and structure, we respond quickly to requests for custom technology and rapidly produce new designs and prototypes.

Our history and our future

We’re a privately owned business based in Herefordshire, in the west of England. Our founding directors set up Antares in 2010, and still lead us today. From their original concept to create a European centre of design and manufacturing excellence, the company has grown to supply custom and COTS products to customers worldwide and carry out CEM for clients whose systems contain our technology.

In 2019 and 2021, we made strategic acquisitions that expanded and strengthened our capabilities. We will continue to build the business when the right opportunities arise.

Light shining on RF Power Amplifier circuit board
UK Defence Manufacturing in action with Antares Defence employees at their work benches making RF Power Amplifiers,

Join our team

We’re always happy to hear from people who are interested in joining our team.

Before you get in touch, please understand that our products are designed to save the lives of people who are in active service across the globe. Everything we do is driven with this in mind, which is the reason we say:

Zero defects. Remember why.

If you can work with precision and focus, in an environment that can at times be highly pressured, please send your CV and a covering letter to [email protected]