RF power amplifiers


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For Land, Sea and Air
Counter-IED, UAV and Counter-UAV

Our RFPAs help combat most known threats and contribute to a wide range of EW system requirements. We constantly update them to combat emerging threats. Much of our work is on bespoke developments that help our clients respond quickly to new technologies and changes in the field, such as creating intelligent amplifiers that support cyber and electromagnetic activities (CEMA)

We have customers worldwide and are ideally located to support the military and defence industries.

Zero Defects. You can count on us.

Because we remember why.

The products we design, build and test save lives in active service across the globe. Which is why every member of our team knows that zero defects isn’t a strapline. It's a necessity.

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What We Do

We design and manufacture technically advanced and intelligent RFPAs and their associated subsystems. We create and sell our own products and carry out buy, build, test and ship for third-party products that contain our technology.

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Our Products

We’re experts in advanced RFPA technology. We constantly update our products to incorporate new developments and respond to emerging threats.

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